Lumi gets a Woolbabe

Recently I put my hand up to review a Woolbabe sleeping bag from The Sleep Store and here is my verdict! 

I chose the Pebble coloured Woolbabe, size 3-24 months with front zip and the duvet weight. 

So what does that all mean? Pebble is this delicious dove grey colour here.

Three to twenty four months is the age for the sleeping bag to fit. For the little ones  (including Lumi at seven months) there are domes to snap the arm holes a little smaller, which keeps the sleeping  bag from bunching at his face. Lumi has heaps of space to grow, as you can see below.

Front zip is subtle one. You can see the zip at the front, but the big deal maker for me is that there are no shoulder domes. Lumi is a fan of crawling and kicking in his sleep which he can do as much as he likes now that he can’t slip out of his warm sleeping bag. 

Duvet weight is referring to the thickness and this one is beautiful. Lined with organic cotton and padded out with merino it is perfect for Dunedin weather.The outer layer is 30/70 Merino and organic cotton. In other words, super duper snug in our cold winters. 

I love this sleeping bag and I’m proud to offer you a 30% off discount if you want one from The Sleep Store too! 

Use the code FORTHELOVE, valid until midnight Monday the 27th of April. 

Our nights are now super snug. 

Katie & Lumi