Cloth Nappy Love 

First of all, I feel like I need to say we don’t exclusively cloth nappy. I tried, the bulk of a night nappy disturbed Lumi’s precious sleep and we are yet to try again. You don’t have to be one or the other, we use predominantly cloth, but you may want to use mainly disposables. That’s okay with me. 

Even one cloth a nappy a day will make a huge difference to your weekly waste, and our beautiful environment. 
We have a rotation of around 50 cloth nappies, various brands and styles.

 Not everyone needs this many, and I dont think there is a magic number for how many you should have. Start with a few and add on as you go. You’ll know when you have enough, unless you end up hooked on beautiful colours and prints like me! 

When it comes to styles, one size fits all is not always accurate. Not all nappies will fit your babe perfectly, some will fit better than others and it is a bit of a trial and error process. Luckily cloth nappies have great resale value. There is a page on Facebook for buying and selling second hand in NZ. Some websites like Nappy Heaven offer trial packs of styles and I think that is a great place to start. I use a little bit of everything. Pocket nappies, all in one, all in two and fitteds with covers. Different nappies cater to different needs. 

Thirsties Natural All in One & Grandma Els Diaper Rash Remedy available at Nappy Heaven

When Lumi is ready for a change, we pop off the used nappy, shake any solids down the loo, and leave it in a flexi tub in the laundry. There is no need to add any water to the tub. At the end of the day, or once I have enough, (we use 3-4 nappies a day so usually every two days.)  I put the nappies through a rinse cycle in the machine and then wash with a gentle powder (I use EcoFreaks powder) and line dry. A bit of sunlight gets the majority of staining out, and continued use will get out the rest. 

It isn’t scary, you don’t need to scrub poo, let your machine do the hard bits! My favourite part of cloth nappies, is how adorable they are in comparison to disposables. But I will let you be the judge on that! 

Ecobubs One Size
Grovia Hybrid one size
Bubblebubs Candie One Size
Bambooty One size

Any questions, just let me know. I’ll do my best to answer them. I have been cloth nappying for eight years now and have had many trials and errors over the times. 

Katie xx

Ps, my favourite retailer, Amelia from Nappy Heaven has given me some goodies to give away over on my Instagram @katiefromings !! 

Scalibur’s New Nighthawk Romper 

I dont think I’ll ever tire of tie dye. 

Especially when it came to us in the form of Scalibur’s new tie dye romper called Nighthawk. It is stunning. 

Those blues are heavenly. Especially with his baby blues.

At the momemt we are still having warm days, but I look forward to Lumi wearing this romp through the winter with a little black merino underneath. I can’t wait! The soft strechy fabric should fit him for a while yet. 

You can pick up one for your self here – Scalibur Kidswear

 Katie & Lumi 


Lumi gets a Woolbabe

Recently I put my hand up to review a Woolbabe sleeping bag from The Sleep Store and here is my verdict! 

I chose the Pebble coloured Woolbabe, size 3-24 months with front zip and the duvet weight. 

So what does that all mean? Pebble is this delicious dove grey colour here.

Three to twenty four months is the age for the sleeping bag to fit. For the little ones  (including Lumi at seven months) there are domes to snap the arm holes a little smaller, which keeps the sleeping  bag from bunching at his face. Lumi has heaps of space to grow, as you can see below.

Front zip is subtle one. You can see the zip at the front, but the big deal maker for me is that there are no shoulder domes. Lumi is a fan of crawling and kicking in his sleep which he can do as much as he likes now that he can’t slip out of his warm sleeping bag. 

Duvet weight is referring to the thickness and this one is beautiful. Lined with organic cotton and padded out with merino it is perfect for Dunedin weather.The outer layer is 30/70 Merino and organic cotton. In other words, super duper snug in our cold winters. 

I love this sleeping bag and I’m proud to offer you a 30% off discount if you want one from The Sleep Store too! 

Use the code FORTHELOVE, valid until midnight Monday the 27th of April. 

Our nights are now super snug. 

Katie & Lumi 


Take your babe outside. Please.

I think it’s a mama bird instinct. Something natural inside us that tells us to keep our babes close, in the warmth of the indoors and to avoid taking them out. 
But why? 
It isn’t always cold out there, and I’m sure you have warm clothes for your baby anyway. Maybe there’s a bear? Yeah, not in New Zealand. Nature is too bright, too scary, too damp or too outdoorsy?

So what is it that stops us from taking our babies out there? 

For any reason you give me, I can (and will!) find a way to make it possible.  Babies love nature! If it’s wet, put babe in a baby carrier and use an umbrella. Too cold? Pop on some extra layers and take your outdoors time in ten minute bursts. Too damp? Put babe on a dedicated easy to wash outdoors blanket or a picnic rug! Too scary? Well that’s probably just in your head hehe 🙂

So bundle up your babe, or if your lucky and have sunshine, find a shady spot and throw down a blanket and enjoy soaking in a bit of the outdoors. If you have older children dice up some fruit and have a picnic too. Listen to the birds, soak in the fresh air. It’s much better than being in those four walls.
Your baby will love you for it. 

Katie x

You are grounded..

Sounds like something your parents may have yelled at you once upon a time, but that’s not my intention. I’m referring to a way in which a connection is made with our soul, that creates balance, which is then reflected amongst the crazy chaos that is parenting. 

I find myself feeling overwhelmed often. Sometimes it’s my kids, sometimes it’s in my head, sometimes it’s just life. Grounding myself is a way I let go of the pressure. I’ve recently been teaching my daughters this, with out their knowledge because it is so simple. 

We recently took a walk to our local park. They ran, played and demanded we go in every direction possible. I’d had enough, so we decided we could walk through the gardens to get home. 

We stumbled on a beautiful sight. We talked about spring and the beautiful cherry blossoms.

We took a minute to breathe in the sweet scent. 

We held the delicate petals, felt how light they were in our hands and noticed how they were almost fluffy.

We listened to the wind rustling the tree branches and noticed how the petals floated down to earth like snow.

We then continued on homeward bound. We searched for a rainbow of colored flowers which helped keep their minds entertained. We arrived home a little less stressed, feeling much more relieved than when we had set off with the intention of just visiting the supermarket.

I challenge you to give it a go yourself, then with your kids. Allow yourself to feel the stress. Then stop and think about what you can see, smell, feel, taste and touch. 

Let me know if you do, especially if you try it with your children too. 

Katie x